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Coronavirus COVID 19 Important Announcement 18/3/2020
Please see the NHS Inform Website for the latest advice.

Solway Medical Group at both Kirkcudbright and Gatehouse centres will be phoning everyone who needs to see us from Monday onwards. We will be shutting the doors but will definitely still be seeing all those patients who need to come in once we have assessed your condition by telephone. People have been turning up with viral symptoms, so we need to control access to low-risk patients only. This is to limit the possible spread to vulnerable patients who will be using the centres and also to limit the risk of infecting staff members who would have to isolate themselves at home, leaving the whole service at risk.

We are also stopping routine clinics for check-ups on chronic diseases and blood tests such as cholesterol tests which can be safely postponed for a few weeks while we see how the virus spreads. The GPs and Practice Nurses will still review patients who cannot wait, such as those having chemotherapy or whose condition is poorly controlled.

Please consider delaying appointments for some symptoms which may be annoying but less important, such as sore joints or skin problems.

If you have a new cough or fever above 37.8 degrees then stay at home for one week and phone us or NHS 24 for advice if you are getting worse. Remember, this is still most likely to be one of the normal winter bugs going around.

We plan to see suspected cases of coronavirus COVID 19 at home and will come with masks, gowns and gloves to protect us so please don't panic when we arrive dressed like that.

Wash your hands frequently after touching surfaces or handles and use our hand gels when you come in.

Prescriptions should be ordered by phone and we will send them directly to the chemist rather than have them collected.

COVID 19 can be slowed and it is important that you keep good hygiene, especially when visiting people who may have less immunity. So long as you are well, then still visit and help them as we do not want them to become ill for other reasons through lack or care, heating or food.

There may be restrictions on visiting care homes and Kirkcudbright Hospital, however, so the staff will advise you.

Don't panic, prepare for some inconvenience and WASH YOUR HANDS.

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