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Cryotherapy is no longer part of the GP contract and has now been stopped. 

Latest evidence suggests that it is not of benefit. 

Cryotherapy is considered a cosmetic procedure

Dr Locke

From 4th September Dr Locke will be reducing the number of patient surgeries, so therefore please consider seeing another GP rather than waiting

Wasted Medicines


Every year in Dumfries and Galloway approximately £3,000,000 worth of medicines are wasted because they are no longer needed

Help us to reduce waste

When ordering medication please

THINK:  do you need all the medicines on your repeat list?

TICK:  only the items on your repeat list that you need

TELL:  your pharmacist or GP if there any items you no longer need or only use occasionally



If you are currently a smoker and need help to stop, your local pharmacy is able to help.

The pharmacist is able to prescribe Nicotine Replacement Therapy and offer confidential support.

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